Attika secures basic human requirements for people in need.

Through establishing an efficient and effective distribution system Attika delivers humanitarian aid directly to asylum seekers.

Access to basic human requirements can been difficult and sporadic. Clothing, hygiene and shelter are vital needs. Attika addresses these needs by efficient, timely distribution directly to asylum seekers, through supporting NGO’s and to the local community.

Search and Rescue

Today there are 8000+ refugees on Lesvos. 5000+ on Samos. 1500+ on Chios living in Overcrowded, inhuman conditions.

In March 2018,10 boats carrying 332 people arrived on the north shore. Up to March 2019, 27 boats carried 1075 people.

Just one Search and Rescue boat is in operation on the north shore. This is inadequate. SAR needs reinforcement on Lesvos. There is an acute need for a second boat to provide an additional SAR team on the north shore.

Attika is currently working towards an additional SAR boat and rescue team.


Attika Human Support and Three peas are delighted to announce their collaboration on a much needed housing programme on Lesvos.

Three Peas will fund the rental of a house for refugees and asylum seekers while Attika will manage the smooth running of the operations on the ground. The house is situated in the heart of Mytilini and has the capacity to welcome up to nine people.

Even though the project is beginning on a small-scale, it will provide the residents a stable environment, the opportunity to settle out of a permanent emergency state and gather strength to move forward with their lives. The impact of helping one individual is many-fold. As we have often witnessed, once the person is back on her feet, the helpee becomes the helper and goes on supporting others in need in the community. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Attika says: Housing plays an important role in the first steps to community integration. Providing a secure home with care and support will bring huge emotional benefits to the people who will live at the Attika Three Peas Home. Attika is proud to continue our collaboration with Three Peas, who have a wealth of experience in housing development, and begin this important project with the optimistic, dedicated and open-hearted team. Thank you Three Peas for helping Attika make this dream a reality.

Three Peas say: We have worked with the Attika team on numerous occasions in the past two years and have built a strong relationship with their main actors. We could not dream of a better partnership to take this project forward. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Attika team for their enthusiasm and trust.