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We are Attika

Attika Human Support is an essential part of the Lesvos team that helps desperate people fleeing war, torture, and terror. As the NGO that runs the island’s biggest warehouse for donated goods for asylum seekers, Attika plays a vital role in the distribution of humanitarian aid on Lesvos. Most asylum seekers are wet and cold when they arrive, usually with just the clothes on their backs. They need warm dry clothes and shoes to survive the cold and rainy winters, as well as lightweight clothing and shoes for the hot summers. ​ Most international donors who send clothes, shoes, tents, baby carriers, towels, toiletries, and other personal items to Lesvos, ship directly to Attika. The Attika team then sorts and delivers consignments to dozens of local NGOs who then make distributions to asylum seekers as part of their own assistance programs. Attika also has a system for packaging and delivering specific items that asylum seekers request via WhatsApp, and is the only warehouse open to everyone.
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Our Projects

Search and Rescue
Attika has recently added a second SAR boat and rescue team on the north shore of the island.
Attika Human Support and Three peas are delighted to announce their collaboration on a much needed housing programme on Lesvos.

We are a strongly committed family sending DIGNITY and HOPE to every human in need on the island of Lesvos

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Meet the Team

The cornerstone of Attika Human Support is our great team, entirely made up of volunteers. Some of us are ourselves displaced people now living on the island. Wherever we have come from, we bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience.